Cyndee was a complete professional, guiding my fiancé and I through six amazing classes to develop a dance for the big day.  She provided the right level of feedback that we each required.  She made us feel comfortable to explore ourselves on the dance floor, to make mistakes, and then magically it all came together, based on her guidance and support.

              -- Daniel & Priscilla

Dancing lessons were great!  I would recommend to anyone!  Thanks!

              -- Jon

If you need some help on the dance floor, this is your place.  Cyndee works with you at your own pace, is professional, and really knows her craft.  Prices are more than reasonable, and studio is perfect for group or individual lessons.  We highly recommend.
              -- Dave

Maybe you're like me?  For years I avoided dancing, mainly on account of something another 6th-grader said to me at a sock hop.  Imagine that!  A grown man bossed around by an 11-year-old!  Finally decided to put that 6th-grader in his place.  This studio is for you if you suspect you've been missing out on a lot of fun because you feel self-conscious on the dance floor.  No show-offs or ballerinas here, just guys and gals who are tired of missing out and ready to try something different.  It's a place where it's OK not to be perfect. The owner, Cyndee, focuses on basic bread-and-butter dances that you can get comfortable with and not have to turn yourself into something from Saturday Night Fever.  We're talking about the kind of moves that will get you through a wedding reception without embarrassing yourself.  As a man who came of age in the '70's , the concept of leading and following was particularly uncomfortable.  Cyndee is particularly good at dealing with this issue.  I've had my son and daughter (both early teens) out with me and it was amazing to see how quickly they got into it.  
            -- Tom

Took class last  week.  Cyndee is very helpful.  Like her teaching style.
            -- Gwynn

As my fiancé and I near our wedding day and begin to cross off most of the items on our long to-do list, dance lessons was something that we were least looking forward to. While we know our first dance is incredibly important, taking lessons for the very first time was rather nerve wrecking. However, Cyndee made the entire experience very comfortable and easy to follow. Although we are no pros (far from it actually), my fiancé and I both feel much more confident about our first dance. Just one lesson provided us with ease and motivated us to purchase a second lesson. If you're getting married and want your first dance to be fluid, in sync with your partner, and be one you can look back to and smile - make sure you use Ballroom for Beginners!
                  -- Ruby & Vince 

I want to thank you sooooo much.  You are so supportive and patient and really just a wonderful dance teacher.  I felt like I came away knowing much more about rumba.  It was fun!  Very honestly, I can say you are by far my favorite teacher here in Fresno.  
                   -- Cherie

I look forward to my dance lesson each week, when my mind forgets the worries of the day and I relax into a Foxtrot, Tango, or ChaCha with my great dance teacher, Cyndee. She gives me tips to improve my dance along with encouraging comments.  I recommend her to anyone who wants to spruce up their dancing, whether they are a beginner, or intermediate.
                    -- Debbie

We have been thoroughly happy and very impressed by our classes with Cyndee.  She has a talent for finding just the right way to teach a move, or step, that makes sense and looks great too!  We are very pleased to have found her.
                  --Yvonne and William

Dear Cyndee,
I just had to write and tell you how much fun my family and I had taking dance lessons from you for my daughter's wedding.  The dance between Jennifer and her dad went very well.  Since my husband is a lousy dancer, he was very nervous about it and concerned that it should go very well.  IT LOOKED GREAT!!!  They were both very pleased, and got many compliments from the guests.  The dance between Jennifer and her groom was FANTASTIC.  They got a standing ovation, and both of them were very pleased.  Just wanted you to know how much fun we had, and both dances turned out better than we had hoped.  Thanks so much for the instruction, and being so nice and making it fun for us.

Being complete newcomers to ballroom dance, we didn't know what to expect - but we wanted to try something different for our first dance. In setting up appointments, Cyndee was flexible and worked around our schedules. On the dance floor, she made us feel comfortable right away. We were both very impressed by how easily she transitioned between showing us how to lead or follow, depending on who she was working with. We know we're going to enjoy our first dance as a married couple thanks to Cyndee. We're also looking forward to trying other styles of dance in the future.
                      -- Claire & Ian

Cyndee is awesome!!  We had so much fun learning our dance -- we just found our song and she did the rest.  It's great fun for singles and couples.
                     -- Jodi & Dave

Dear Cyndee,
How can I thank you for making my dream come true.  I truly enjoyed dancing with my son at his wedding and with such confidence.  I was so proud of him that day and felt that the love and relationship that we have shared for so many years was evident as we waltzed together and everyone watched.  You unselfishly did all you could to accommodate our schedules, and it all came together so perfect.  Thank you so much for kindness, generosity and expertise.  I would recommend your services to anyone whether it was for a special occasion, casual entertainment or professional.  Thank you again for this mother's wish come true.
                          --- Chris Enokson, Mother of the Groom
I'm a senior who's been taking private lessons from Cyndee for about 6 weeks.  I am very impressed with her professionalism, and her ability to put me at ease on the dance floor.  She is assertive but friendly, specific but patient, and jovial but attentive to the correct way to place my feet, my hands and my mind.  It is a delight to be in Cyndee's hands and have her help me become someone women someday won't avoid on the dance floor. 
                          -- a senior from Bakersfield

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